Jobs needed for Dark Glass:

3D Modellers / Texturers:

The job is to reproduce the sets from the Beast Wars show as Mainframe had done them back in the day. Mainframe accuracy on backgrounds is required but we will obviously accept some differences. Several sets are already partially built and need only a bit more work. Others need to be started from scratch. Most props are already individually built. Knowledge of 3D Studio Max is prefered unless you are interested only in prop modelling. Any software that can export a format that 3DS Max can use is OK then.


3DStudio Max Animators:

This is the most critical aspect. We will need people that are interested in working within the confines of an “old school” process. Familiar with 3DS Max’s biped, the animators will also need to know how to animate faces using 3DS Max’s Morpher modifier. We are not looking for a modern, realistic look. We are looking for the 90s style animation that made Beast Wars famous. Expect to cheat a lot to save time. Animators may also, if interested, contribute to the set creation process as well.